Southern Alberta Institute of Massage

SAIM Student at workSouthern Alberta Institute of Massage (S.A.I.M.) is run in conjunction with established working therapeutic massage and chiropractic clinics. The curriculum has been professionally designed and reflects the most current techniques in massage and natural health care. The instructors are exceedingly qualified professionals who are prepared to deliver an intensive training program

The Program

S.A.I.M. offers an accelerated time line diploma program (one and a half years) to enable students to get into the workforce sooner as there is such a demand for Massage Therapists. Our program is "full time" with classes Monday to Friday. We do not offer an online program because Massage Therapy is a “hands-on” profession and cannot be taught effectively online.

The S.A.I.M. Therapeutic Massage Program offers a 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Program, consisting of a 1000 Hour First year and a 1200 Hour Second year. Successful completion of the 1000 Hour First year will result in a Certificate in Massage Therapy. Successful completion of the full 2200 Hour Program will result in a 2200 Hour Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy which meets the current required standard for Massage Therapists.

Extra study time, clinical and fieldwork outside of the school will average approximately ten (10) hours per week. Students who satisfy the 1000 Hour program requirements and successfully complete final exams will be given accreditation for a 1000 hours and receive a Massage Therapy Certificate from S.A.I.M. Graduates from the complete 2200 hour program will receive their Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma. Graduates from our program are well recognized and respected in the field of Massage Therapy and are sufficiently prepared to successfully complete provincial exams.

Massage Therapy Program Overview
Year 1 - 1000 Hours
Anatomy/Physiology I, II, III100 Hours
Introduction to Massage Therapy60 Hours
Consultation & Preparation20 Hours
Body Mechanics and Classification of Movements20 Hours
Basic Massage Therapy Techniques140 Hours
Contraindications for Massage Therapy80 Hours
Kinesiology/BioMechanics20 Hours
Massage Techniques150 Hours
Clinical Massage Therapy I150 Hours
Student Clinical Practical260 Hours
Massage Therapy Program Overview
Year 2 - 1200 Hours
Pathology I, II, III120 Hours
Orthopaedic Testing I, II80 Hours
Health & Nutrition20 Hours
Pharmacology30 Hours
Business for Massage Therapy30 Hours
Clinical Massage Therapy II220 Hours
Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques300 Hours
Student Clinical Practicum400 Hours

All course information may be obtained by calling S.A.I.M. at Lethbridge Campus: 403-331-5657 or Medicine Hat Campus at 403-504-9694.